Real Estate Notes – What They Are and How to Use Them

Real estate notes, also known as real estate receivables, are legally-binding documents used to assign buyer rights and record details of real estate transactions. These notes are created when property or land is sold and can be used as collateral for other investment purchases or sold for a lump sum of cash.

In essence, real estate notes document the promise of the Buyer to repay the Seller. They are frequently used along with mortgages to aide in the financing of real property, including carry-back financing. In this type of transaction, the seller finances either or a portion or the entire amount of the loan. Typically, the buyer pays the seller a down payment and the remaining balance is paid in installments.

Real estate notes are commonly used when an individual purchases stocks within a property. In this type of transaction a group of investors will partner with others to purchase a property and equally share in ownership. Each investor purchases a specific amount of stocks. The combined funds are placed into a real estate investment trust. REIT’s are companies that own significant amounts of land and operate profit-producing properties.

Notes can be sold for cash, either in part or whole. Although a relatively quick way to raise cash, doing so not without risk. When selling a partial note the individual will not receive full face value. This stems from fees associated with the sale. Additionally, the property owner may be required to invest in an appraisal of the property or pay a property title fee.

In cases where seller carry back financing is offered, the seller can sell the note to a bank or private investor. This type of financing is becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Buying and selling real estate notes is a complex field that requires a thorough understanding of real estate, income tax laws, finance, sales and leasing, and property management. Although real estate investing can be an exceptionally lucrative venture, it does require an investment of time to become educated about the process. For those who take the time to learn the trade, it can significantly increase their bank balance and financial portfolio.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of real estate transaction the Internet is a great place to start. Additionally, you might want to visit your local library and checkout real estate or financial investing books and publications. Last, but not least, peruse the Classifieds section of your local newspaper to locate realtors and investors who offer investing courses and seminars.

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How to Successfully Build Your Online Business

To be successful online, you must focus on following step-by-step activities:

  1. Build your Online Business
  2. Promote your Online Business and then
  3. Accelerate your activities

Build your business by designing websites, micro sites, and web pages, as landing platform for the sales pages; Promote your business by online marketing activities such as

  • Search Marketing,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Video Marketing etc. and

Accelerate your business by Advertising activities such as on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other Ad Networks.

Benefits of Building your Online Business

To be successful in an Online Business, you need to have your own website. If you are not yet sure about whether you need a website – here are just some of the advantages of having your own site:

1) You can Brand Yourself – Branding allows you to become known around the Internet. It gives you a unique personality on the Internet and sets you apart from the millions of others out there.

2) You Control the Content – Having your own website means that you are 100% in control of your own products. When you start to run your website you want to be able to advertise products on it. Many of the free website solutions do not allow you to do any sort of advertising or force you to display their advertising. If you own your web site, within the terms of the hosting company, you can control the content on your site.

3) You can Build a Prospects’ List – Building a list is the best way to sell products on the internet. Having your own list means that you can automatically send follow up messages to your subscribers, create trust and build a relationship with them.

4) You can Get Traffic from The Search Engines – search engine traffic is the best and most targeted traffic. When you have your own website, you can control the content and build links to your site, which will help you to rank in the search engines.

5) Optimize ROI: You can focus on products and services that work and deliver ROI, and eliminate those activities that are not paying off.

Steps to Build your Online Business
Online Business building mainly consists of following 3 steps:

Domain Registration: Domain is your online business identity, popularly seen as

<a target="_new" rel="nofollow" href=""></a>. Domain are registered and maintained by Domain Registrars against a nominal annual fee.

Hosting Setup: Your Websites are stored on big server farms. Hosting service providers have infrastructure facilities to provide security for storing and managing your Website, Email Services etc.

Website Design: Your Website is the digital content of your Online Business. This mainly contains: Web Pages, Graphic Images and Copy Contents etc..Here you can have showcase of your products, services, your offerings etc. and then call to action like opt-in form for subscriptions, leads or registration for an event etc.

I shall continue in my next part: How to promote your website online.